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Self Crafting the Institute’s Womanifesto

A few months back I posted a question for each of you : What if You had a Vision Statement?

Did you make one for yourself? Is it time now for a Vision Statement for you and your Being? Go and check out the June article and if you do create your own Vision Statement, post it in the comments under the article. Inspire others with your Vision!


logosquareSimilarly, when you create your Womanifesto for your business or creative project, be sure to post it here!

A Womanifesto is like a manifesto, only it’s especially designed for eVulvalutionary Women who are making a public statement about creating a better world with our hearts and minds.

Traditionally, a Manifesto differs from a Vision Statement in that a VS is all about the Self, and doesn’t really mean all that much to anyone else. A Manifesto is a public declaration of intent. It includes “Other”. It is often used as a “call to arms”, notifying and inviting others to join in your intention.

You know I love to play with words and meanings. Womanifesto fits the Institute intention way better. And of course, we love the number 13 here.

  1. Be the Change
  2. Question Everything
  3. Create, Choose, Create, Repeat
  4. Contribute for a better world
  5. Self Care
  6. Be a Visionary
  7. Lead, never follow
  8. Vive la Revolution
  9. Inspire
  10. Trust the process
  11. Authenticity over Convenience
  12. Seek good habits
  13. If in doubt, R.E.b.E.L.

Notes for word geeks and R.E.b.E.L.s who desire more information :

  1. It was Gandhi who said “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
  2. Questions unlock limitations and conclusions. Read more about Question in any of my Best Week So Far posts.
  3. If you are creating, you’re moving forward. Choice creates more. Everything is a choice.
  4. You are perfectly designed to contribute your very unique and aweesssooomme way of Being to the world right now. It’s no coincidence that you are here at this time, with these resources, on this planet, with the dream you desire to create in the world. So go do it!
  5. Self Care is a voluntary action that you do to ensure wellness on all levels : mental, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual. It is the foundation on which the entire work of the Institute for Self Crafting is based, and built from.
  6. The word “visionary” is found all the way back in 1651, from vision meaning “impractical” as in “one who indulges in impractical fantasies”. This concept is a core value of the Institute, where we are constantly looking at what we can do to be more than what the ordinary, mainstream paradigm expects of us. Out of the box. Following our big wild dreams.
  7. This is a short and less poetic version of that which is most often attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.” On further research though, I found that it was probably not Emerson who wrote this at all, but a woman named Muriel Strode in her poem “Wind-Wafted Wild Flowers”, 1903.
  8. “Live the revolution” or “Long live the revolution”. What’s the revolution? The noun has two meanings : 1. the forcible overthrow of a social order, in favour of a new system 2. an instance of revolving as in circle, turn, wheel, spin. Both are incredibly relevant to the work of Women who are creating a life that sets you free. We are “forcibly” overthrowing the old order of things by actively choosing to make change by changing the Self. This is active, not passive. Forcibly has been defined as “to do something in a convincing way.” All forms at the Institute are circular, and spin as a spiral, revolving and turning forever. This is an ancient symbol of the work of Women.
  9. Defined as “fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” Also secondarily defined as “create a positive feeling in a person”. Synonyms include : motivate, energise, arouse, awaken, ignite, generate….
  10. This has been a mantra for me since I first began teaching and facilitating. An addendum to this mantra is No Coincidence : Only Perfection. Things never show up as you expect them to, so ask, take action and then hold on for the ride.
  11. We have a society that chooses convenience (a thing that contributes to an easy and effortless life) to the detriment of all other life forms, including Self. I would posit that “convenience” choices, although maybe easy in the short term, often create problems moving forward. Authenticity is synonymous with genuine and original, and I think of it as a cross between the two. Choosing authenticity before convenience ensures that any “convenience” truly does enhance ease, in the entire world.
  12. Habits are rituals we do either with or without awareness, so that they become an integral part of how we Be in the world. The best thing about healthy practice is that once it becomes habit, we don’t have to think about them anymore, we integrate, and we become. And then, your mind can use it’s energy for other important things.
  13. Various R.E.b.E.L.s articles here>>>


Okay, now it’s your turn, write your Womanifesto for your creative project, announce your intention to the world, and share it in the comments below. I’d love to see them!




Best Week So Far : 23rd October 2016

bestweeksofarSunday 23rd October

This week has been the best so far!

When you live a life guided by creating more and more awesome, you ensure that each week is better than the last:better awareness = better choice = better resources = better being

Don’t get stuck in the past with a week that was “the best ever”! Create weeks that are the best so far, and keep on creating more!

Here are the tools that have contributed to this week being my best so far…


Questions offer choice and possibility you weren’t aware of before. Conclusions offer rigid judgements that trap you where you are. Here is the question that has created the most change for me this week :

What energy can I add?

Energy has no judgment, so when you’re feeling overwhelmed and in need of help, just ask for energy to come and support you. There’s no right or wrong about it, energy simply does its thing. What could be added to your life to make it easier right now? Maybe it’s a person, or a concept you hadn’t thought of before, or a product (once I asked what I could do to make dinner times easier when there were five kids in the house, and when I arrived at the supermarket the first thing I saw was a slow cooker! I bought it on the spot), or a way of changing your behaviour… ask and let the energy show up.

Post you might have missed…

I published an article last week about Movers and Connectors. You see, I’ve come to realise that all creative projects need three types of people to move and shake them into the world, so I’m searching for some people to join my team and blow the Institute out into the entire Universe. Have a look if it intrigues you >>>

Recently watched…

The 2015 movie Suffragette. Seriously. Go watch it. And get the men in your life to watch it with you.

Coming soon…

I’ve been refining my thoughts around therapeutic relationships and the work of the Shamanic Practitioner, through my class work for my Grad Diploma in Counselling at University. I’m so surprised at how much this is informing and adding to my work and focus of care. As usual, I find myself being the R.E.b.E.L. in every way, and being entirely comfortable with that! With this in mind, much of my work is naturally concentrating itself to more deeply promote the authentic essence of Self Crafting. Next week I will be posting the Institute’s own Vision Statement, in the hope that it will inform your journey as well.

In the meantime, I will leave you with the final point on the Institute’s Vision Statement, that always serves me well : “If in doubt, R.E.b.E.L.

Quote of the week…

“What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not to do.” ~ Aristotle

Are you enjoying Best Week so far..? If so, please forward this email to a friend and suggest they sign up for their own weekly support link. Imagine how great the world will be when everyone is choosing to create the life that sets them free!

Thanks for reading, have an awweeesssooomme weekend!

Maia Nie Heya,

Are you a Mover or a Connector?

I’ve been fascinated of late by the concept presented by Simone Milasas from Joy of Business about the three types of people every creative project needs. Would you like to see how you feel about it?

Every creative project needs three elements to bring it into fruition AND to give it a wondrous and success-full life. Without all three, a project could be the world’s most amazing thing, but never get seen by those who need it. Or, there could be thousands of supporters for a project that never gets off the ground.

Engaging the three elements, aka, the three types of people who are the Creator, Mover, and Connector, means a project can be dreamed up, delivered and continually energised, shared about and spread throughout the world!

Simone Milasas has detailed the three elements as such :

1.     Creators

Creators are the dreamers; the visionaries. They are always looking at what they can generate and create next. Their ability is that they are able to see what is possible in business and in life.

Creators are the people who have new ideas all of the time. They love having the vision of what something will look like. For creators, the beginning of an idea and knowing the future possibilities of that idea generates a sense of joy.

2.     Connectors

Connectors like to talk and they’re good at it. These are the people with lots of phone numbers in their contact list. They are natural salespeople. They will talk to anyone about anything. They know what to say and when to say it. They know how to truly connect with people and it’s joyful for them.

3.     Movers

Movers are … always 10 steps ahead. Their expertise lies in knowing what has to be put in place today to expand the business tomorrow.

Movers are high energy people with lots of ambition. They are continuously looking at all of the possibilities and asking, “What’s required next?” And whatever it is, they make it happen.

Some people can easily be more than one of these elements. You may be a great project manager and marketer (Mover and Connector) or you may create excitement around your amazing project ideas all the time (Creator and Connector). It is difficult to find the time and energy to be all three at once though, without robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

I am first and foremost a Creator, with an ability to Move well, when there are no other creative endeavours to take up my attention. I don’t enjoy talking about what I do to people who haven’t “got it” though, and prefer to let word of mouth do its thing when it comes to my projects. At the same time, I love talking up other people’s work when it is undoubtedly awesome! So I have the Connector capability, yet find my Creator Self expands my business’ reality the most.

It has become clear, that if I really desire to birth the million projects that are brewing at the Institute, it is imperative I engage with people who find the process of being a Mover and a Connector to be a joyful, playful experience that will expand their own Universe. Is that you?

Contact me if you can say yes to three or more of these statements :

  • You love the Vision of the Institute for Self Crafting
  • You love organising
  • You love creating, instigating and working with programmes
  • You love to share with others about wonder-full work
  • You love to support the Change you wish to see in the world
  • You love to expand your own reality
  • You love to see other people expand their reality
  • You love working with me, Hollie B.
  • You haven’t worked with me, but would love to have a go
  • You can already think of ten things that, when activated, would expand the Institute immediately
  • You already know ten people you could talk to about the Institute for Self Crafting
  • You are interested in knowing more…

If you can relate to the definitions of a Mover or a Connector, and can say yes to at least three of the above statements, send me an email to  with the Subject Line : “I’m a Mover” or “I’m a Connector”. Include in your email the statements that are most attractive to you, as well as some info about yourself.

What amazing and awesome creations can we birth into this world together? I can’t wait to hear from you!

Love you,