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Blessed Be!

Heya I’m Hollie B. I’m stoked to find you here!

I’m all about living an unbound and unlimited life. I create, play, work and do family bizo in ways that set me free. My mission in this space is to facilitate you to do the same.

I live on a bush property in south eastern NSW, in Australia, surrounded by kangaroos, kookaburras, wombats and black cockatoos. I’m a mama and an awwweeesssooomme housewife, who happens to hold space and circle for Rainbow Women who are also being free.

My latest offering to the world is the Institute for Self Crafting, a shamanic learning labyrinth and sacred space for women who want to get real about being all they came here to be.

To join me in this sacred space and honour everything that you are on your journey, you’ll need to get yo’self a copy of my Visioning Workbook, because it’s all about finding your Inner Wisdom and remembering the deep You. Just pump your details into that box below and we can start Making Magick together.

Be part of the co-creative process

hollie.midwinterSoulful Mamas Remember
My ABC book for adults needs illustrations. And to really honour this simple work I’ve decided that it needs to be a contributive project, where Mamas from everywhere submit their own art.

Once upon a time I wrote the words of this book. They are simple, they were always going to be.

But I didn’t know how I wanted to decorate the pages, and so they stayed empty and still for a long time, in a folder on my desktop called ‘almost projects’, just waiting to be given life. And then, after a delicious weekend of village community inspiration arrived!

This book was never meant to be an epic instructional like I would usually write. Instead, this book is a reminder text. It’s a gentle whisper to you that you are awweeesssooomme.

IMG_1163I wrote this book for You. Because I want you to know that everything you’re doing is Perfect. Right now, just as it is, just as you are, is Perfect. Even when you think you’re doing a crummy job as a Mama, I want you to know that we all struggle. We all question ourselves. But if you look through these pages you will be reminded that we are all in this together.

There’s no real tricks to being a Soulful, aware, unlimited Mama, except that it takes your Wholeheart. We put ourSelf out front and we move forward with love. The rest falls into place.

My vision is that women will be able to turn the pages of this book and be reminded of how wonder-full they are. By viewing the art of each contributor, every woman who reads this book will have contact with a web of support, of women who all choose to raise their babes in unbound and unlimited ways. This connection will strengthen us all.

So I ask you sisstar…

Will you be a contributor?

IMG_4281We need 27 individual pieces of art for the pages of this book.

Each art piece will reflect the words of each page. When you say YES, you will be sent the words of your page. The rest if up to you.

You don’t need me to tell you that it doesn’t matter if you’re not a professional artist or craftswoman. Saying YES has nothing to do with being perfect. It has everything to do with stepping into yourSelf and into the village community of sharing from the heart. I promise the rewards will be worth it.

Some things you’ll need to know :

  • art works must have a flat base (eg. canvas) and able to be photographed – please no 3D sculptures
  • art can be any modality that fits the above description : eg. paint, felt, knit, embroidery, pen…
  • art work must contain the letter of the alphabet relevant to your words plus whatever else you want to add to reflect the text
  • art works must arrive to Hollie B. by post no later than November 30 2014
  • once received, the copyright and ownership of each artwork will be signed over to the Institute for Self Crafting to be used in the book : Soulful Mamas Remember
  • Hollie B. reserves the right to change terms at any time – particularly if I realise I’ve forgotten something really important!
  • it’s possible that art works may later be sold to raise money for future Institute projects that support Mamas, or toward charity.

This book will be published as an eBook first. It is part of the Membership package in the Soulful Mamas Lounge at the Institute, and so will be available at no extra charge to R.E.b.E.L. Members.

Non-Members will be able to purchase through the Institute Store.

Contributors, of course, will receive a free copy!

Publishing hard copies is a possibility for the future.

If you want to be a part of this very special project, fill your details into the boxes below.

And of course, you know how I am really good at having great ideas and never the time to complete them! It’s part of my Indigo charm :) So if you’re not so much an artist, but you are a typeset/desktop publishing kinda person, or just a good organiser and would like to contribute in other ways, fill out the form and just put a note in the box about what you could offer.

The more we create together, the stronger our projects become, and the more love we share.

Love you,

Hollie B. - Institute for Self Crafting