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Blessed Be!

Heya I’m Hollie B. I’m stoked to find you here!

I’m all about living an unbound and unlimited life. I create, play, work and do family bizo in ways that set me free. My mission in this space is to facilitate you to do the same.

I live on a bush property in south eastern NSW, in Australia, surrounded by kangaroos, kookaburras, wombats and black cockatoos. I’m a mama and an awwweeesssooomme housewife, who happens to hold space and circle for Rainbow Women who are also being free.

My latest offering to the world is the Institute for Self Crafting, a shamanic learning labyrinth and sacred space for women who want to get real about being all they came here to be.

To join me in this sacred space and honour everything that you are on your journey, you’ll need to get yo’self a copy of my Visioning Workbook, because it’s all about finding your Inner Wisdom and remembering the deep You. Just pump your details into that box below and we can start Making Magick together.

And then, one day, we had a village

IMG_2360Hello beloveds,

I’ve just noticed that the past five articles on this site have been protected, and if you’ve come by you might think I’m just not talking to anyone outside of the chosen ones.. Ha!

Much is going on here as usual and on top of the usual Institute things that are always developing behind the scenes, (and in front of the scenes) I’ve just recently been reviewing my work in co-creating village community in the space where I live.

The fourth event in a series of Seasonal Events was just held last weekend at Freyja’s Rest for the further developing and strengthening our village community. The concept of Village Community is spoken about in this article, written in 2014.

IMG_2359When I first submitted my idea for the four events to the beautiful people in my community, I had three purposes :

  1. to test and develop ideas that will eventuate as educational material for the members of the Institute for Self Crafting
  2. to explore the concepts I have been using for many years in relating to the seasons, and identifying where these concepts could be upgraded and made even more meaningful.
  3. to partake in community that values co-creation and contribution, the cycles of nature, rites of passage, sharing of resources, and positive child raising that results in the presence of resilient, unlimited, caring and socially responsible children.

People who attended the Seasonal Celebrations were asked to honour the contributive focus of the events by attending as many as possible (as far as it worked for their family). A further requirement was for feedback after each event, as to how the event was relevant to each family and their own traditions/customs. Such beauty-full, heart-felt feedback was received and I’m so grateful to those who took the time to think deeply about their responses and share their ideas with me. This has really shown how important co-creation can be, as together we can do so much more than in isolation.

background loginIt’s been a very enjoyable year of simple family-friendly ceremony and I am happy to say that I have seen and been part of so many wonderfully developing relationships in our community. Those of us who have attended each event have discussed the personal significance of the space that has developed and our joy of finding place and people. I wonder what else is possible?

Although the primary purpose of these events was to test out the stability of my upcoming seasonal workbook for Unit #8 at the Institute, something unexpected came about as well. I found that even though I have these radical ideas about ceremony and rhythm and energy, that I’m not alone. I found that I’m not isolated. I found a real community.

IMG_2361I started this work twelve years ago when I wanted to Be in community with like minds, conscious parents and people who honoured the rhythm to their core. I was pregnant and I couldn’t imagine throwing my children into the mainstream with all it’s consumer driven emptiness. I envisioned a large group of people of all ages, coming together and celebrating the seasons and special moments in the year, as an integrated group, based on the principles of love, compassion and co-creation.

Twelve years is a long time to hold a Vision. It obviously hasn’t always been easy. Somehow I kept working toward it, simply because I couldn’t imagine any other option. It had to be possible. Slowly chipping away for all these years. So imagine my surprise when a little experimental working group that was an easy way to bring friends together and have an epic party at the end of each one, has grown into something so utterly power-full and world changing as what we have experienced here! I didn’t expect it, and now it’s here! We are here.

yulefireNow that the four events have come to an end, my thoughts have turned to how it is possible to continue the growth and meaning of the village community and invite new members in, in particular the R.E.b.E.L.s of the Institute from near and far. I am awaiting feedback from the current village for their experiences and what it means to them, in order to develop this further.

The momentum of the village is now in all of our hands.

It has been my intention that a 2015 Spring Seasonal Celebration at Freyja’s Rest will be an event that runs for three days, and will be open to R.E.b.E.L. Members of the Institute for Self Crafting. My vision is one of a Family Retreat, with spaces for mums, for dads, for kids, and for all of us together. I realise this is not a small undertaking, but I also don’t see it being huge if it is a shared creation.

IMG_2147So if you’re a Member, be sure to put the 25th-27th September on your calendar and I’ll send you more info as soon as I’ve got it.

In the meantime, if you’re not a Member, perhaps you’d like to be? You’ll be able to be a part of the monthly consult calls, the Units in Turtle Labyrinth and anything else that comes up through the year as well!

Have a happy transition time, as Autumn quietly creeps into Winter. May all of your very best things happen everyday.

Love you,

Hollie B. - Institute for Self Crafting