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The Institute for Self Crafting is my offering to the amazing women of the world; the mamas, the sistars, the dreamers, the weavers and the soulful ones. Come in and find a labyrinth of choices for creating a world that sets you free…


In the Wood



Oh my Red Tentpaloosa!

Three days of awesome where you may attend individual events OR retreat for the entire weekend in a pre-1850s mansion in the little village of Braidwood.


When : 27th – 29th November 2015

Where : Yately House, Braidwood, NSW (an hour from Canberra)

Cost : Entire weekend : Full $370 / Concession $320 / Institute Members $300
or see each event for individual prices

Friday 27th  November : 6:00pm

Things we don’t talk about : Red Tent Movie

Film screening and dinner

Cost : Full $35 / Concession $25 / Institute Members $20

Women's Circle : Space to Heal : LunationSaturday 28th November : 9:30am – 4pm

Red Tent : Rewilding Lilith Within – reclaim your feminine power

A day event for loving the Wild Woman buried within. We will acknowledge and clear the limits set by society and the self, so that we can live a boundless life. Explore and express your wild woman – set her free – and learn to allow her to be your inner guide.

Cost : Full $100 / Concession $85 / Institute Members $80


Sacred Space

Saturday 28th November : 7:00pm – late

An Evening with Goddess : Dinner at a local gourmet restaurant with a walk through the Goddess Timeline and women’s place in cultural, spiritual history/herstory – spanning millennia – a look at matrilineal culture through art – symbols and signs of woman – where this all fits for modern women.

Cost : $80


Sunday 29th November : 9:30am – 4pm

Red Tent : Healing Terra Mater Within – a circle for women who love the land.
A shamanic journey of realationship with the land. Elemental exploration, drumming, movement and connection.

Cost : Full $100 / Concession $85 / Institute Members $80



Option to sleep over in 4 star accommodation for the entire event
OR choose which event you attend if you can’t make it to all.

Airport transfers available for interstaters (closest airport is Canberra)

Full of all my regular shamanka qualities, beauty, love, integrity and authenticity.



Red Tent with Hollie B. has returned.

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