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Are you a Mover or a Connector?

I’ve been fascinated of late by the concept presented by Simone Milasas from Joy of Business about the three types of people every creative project needs. Would you like to see how you feel about it?

Every creative project needs three elements to bring it into fruition AND to give it a wondrous and success-full life. Without all three, a project could be the world’s most amazing thing, but never get seen by those who need it. Or, there could be thousands of supporters for a project that never gets off the ground.

Engaging the three elements, aka, the three types of people who are the Creator, Mover, and Connector, means a project can be dreamed up, delivered and continually energised, shared about and spread throughout the world!

Simone Milasas has detailed the three elements as such :

1.     Creators

Creators are the dreamers; the visionaries. They are always looking at what they can generate and create next. Their ability is that they are able to see what is possible in business and in life.

Creators are the people who have new ideas all of the time. They love having the vision of what something will look like. For creators, the beginning of an idea and knowing the future possibilities of that idea generates a sense of joy.

2.     Connectors

Connectors like to talk and they’re good at it. These are the people with lots of phone numbers in their contact list. They are natural salespeople. They will talk to anyone about anything. They know what to say and when to say it. They know how to truly connect with people and it’s joyful for them.

3.     Movers

Movers are … always 10 steps ahead. Their expertise lies in knowing what has to be put in place today to expand the business tomorrow.

Movers are high energy people with lots of ambition. They are continuously looking at all of the possibilities and asking, “What’s required next?” And whatever it is, they make it happen.

Some people can easily be more than one of these elements. You may be a great project manager and marketer (Mover and Connector) or you may create excitement around your amazing project ideas all the time (Creator and Connector). It is difficult to find the time and energy to be all three at once though, without robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

I am first and foremost a Creator, with an ability to Move well, when there are no other creative endeavours to take up my attention. I don’t enjoy talking about what I do to people who haven’t “got it” though, and prefer to let word of mouth do its thing when it comes to my projects. At the same time, I love talking up other people’s work when it is undoubtedly awesome! So I have the Connector capability, yet find my Creator Self expands my business’ reality the most.

It has become clear, that if I really desire to birth the million projects that are brewing at the Institute, it is imperative I engage with people who find the process of being a Mover and a Connector to be a joyful, playful experience that will expand their own Universe. Is that you?

Contact me if you can say yes to three or more of these statements :

  • You love the Vision of the Institute for Self Crafting
  • You love organising
  • You love creating, instigating and working with programmes
  • You love to share with others about wonder-full work
  • You love to support the Change you wish to see in the world
  • You love to expand your own reality
  • You love to see other people expand their reality
  • You love working with me, Hollie B.
  • You haven’t worked with me, but would love to have a go
  • You can already think of ten things that, when activated, would expand the Institute immediately
  • You already know ten people you could talk to about the Institute for Self Crafting
  • You are interested in knowing more…

If you can relate to the definitions of a Mover or a Connector, and can say yes to at least three of the above statements, send me an email to  with the Subject Line : “I’m a Mover” or “I’m a Connector”. Include in your email the statements that are most attractive to you, as well as some info about yourself.

What amazing and awesome creations can we birth into this world together? I can’t wait to hear from you!

Love you,


Best Week So Far : Sunday 2nd October 2016

bestweeksofarSunday 2nd October

This week has been the best so far!

When you live a life guided by creating more and more awesome, you ensure that each week is better than the last:

better awareness = better choice = better resources = better being

Don’t get stuck in the past with a week that was “the best ever”! Create weeks that are the best so far, and keep on creating more!


Here are the tools that have contributed to this week being my best so far…


Questions offer choice and possibility you weren’t aware of before. Conclusions offer rigid judgements that trap you where you are. Here is the question that has created the most change for me this week :
What will it take to bring this project to fruition with total ease?
A question that starts with “What will it take…” opens up a space for you to take new, different or further action to a cause. Asking the question allows what is necessary to show up. And using the phrase “with total ease” makes sure that whatever comes will bring with it an ease for you in Being.

Post you might have missed…

I published an article this week about how we work with the Dreamtale in the Deep Dive sessions of the Women Gather-in. The girl who chose to enter the house of Bears tells also about the points and pieces we weave when we look at the story of The Three Bears. If you have ever had any point of view about Goldilocks and her journey, you may enjoy this post.

Lunation Annual Planner : Spring Edition…

A few people have written to me lately asking if I could provide a Planner for the last few months of the year. Of course I can! $15 plus $15 postage will get you a Lunation Spring Planner to keep you going for the rest of the year, until the 2017 edition appears. If you would like a copy, let me know via email.

Instagram that makes me happy…

Quite possibly, my favourite Insta posts are when my dear sistar Talulah gets a shot of her awesome family, who are also my soul tribe, grooving in the kitchen. Watch little Willow’s B-Girl face with all the attitude of the five aspects of hip hop, to brighten you day HERE>>> And remember, Talulah will be at The Place in The Wilde in November delivering workshops for Women and daughters that are essential for rhythmical, health-full living. Please don’t miss out on that opportunity.

Quote of the week…

“We do not write in order to be understood, we write in order to understand.” ~ Cecil Day-Lewis

Are you enjoying Best Week so far..? If so, please forward this email to a friend and suggest they sign up for their own weekly support link. Imagine how great the world will be when everyone is choosing to create the life that sets them free!

Thanks for reading, have an awweeesssooomme weekend!

Maia Nie Heya,

The girl who chose to enter a house of Bears…

I’ve been interested in the deeper meaning behind Fairytales for a long time. It must be a combination of a lifelong interest in writing (did you know I have a degree in Professional Writing with a minor in English Literature?) and an obsession with the shamanic art of reading sign and symbol. Deep Dives at Women Gather-in is the job that has been waiting patiently for me to accept, for a long time.

Brave Women met at The Place in The Wilde in September to Deep Dive into the Three Bears story, Self Crafting their own dreamtale to carry forward.

Brave Women met at The Place in The Wilde in September to Deep Dive into the Three Bears story, Self Crafting their own dreamtale to carry forward.

We kicked off the Deep Dive series with the story of the Three Bears, mostly because I’d never come across anything written about Goldilocks in terms of psychotherapy or mythological meanings. (I’m not very good at doing the same thing as everyone else!) As I found, there is a small amount published, but without a Clarissa Pinkola Estes chapter to back her up, Goldilocks has kind of been left out in the Woods, so to speak. I knew the stuff of magick and dreams was hidden in this story, and it just needed some careful paring and preening to find them.

Here is what I do when I study any story or myth to find it’s deeper meaning :

1. Find as many different versions as possible
2. Research their origins – go back as far as possible
3. Pull it to pieces, including language, characters, symbols, repetitions and that which is missing or has been lost
4. Sort the significant motifs
5. Read the symbols and signs
6. Restory a dreamtale that suits my findings

Traditional fairytales are entertainment laced with teachings, indicating that which is expected, appropriate and necessary for the continuation of community and happy lives in general. Once stories of the countryside, passed on for millennia from tribe to tribe, full of pagan-ness and wildness and symbol, are now clean versions of themselves. Old Wise Women became evil step-mothers, headstrong Maidens at the cusp of adulthood became infantile pretty girls, and every one can be saved by a kiss from a handsome prince…

In order to uncover and excavate the meaning of the stories we have left, it helps to have an understanding of the symbols that have been used as tools for communication since the beginning of time. Noticing when techniques are used over and over in a story can tell us that a symbol is very significant. Asking why and how allows us to see the story with new eyes, as well as a deeper recognition of how we related to the story as a child : Why does the story choose a spindle to prick her finger? Why are there three billy goats? How did the story change over time?

The purpose of restory-ing fairytales into dreamtales is not so much about righting what has been lost (although I do like that very much). This work, rather is about finding the age-old dream in the text and then finding our Self inside it.

Stories have been with us forever.

The ancestors of our modern day fairytale stories come from a time when people were as Manda Scott names them, Dreamers, Singers, Warriors, and Weavers. Words had importance. Stories  were not written, yet the symbols ran deep, repeated again and again by those who told the stories, and woven into the telling for a specific purpose. Now, as we explore the elements of fairytale on our own modern psyche, we must not forget that this is where our stories have their roots.

Different people find different realities in the same tale, because we each come from different experience. When working a dreamtale we must ask, “Who am I in this story” as well as “Who in my life have I made into the characters in this tale?” When we are able to answer these questions truthfully, the process of Self Crafting can unfurl, and the result is often completely unexpected.

The girl who chose to enter a house of Bears.

The story we now know as "Goldilocks" was once simply called "The Three Bears" and is littered with ancient universal symbolism and sacred power...

The story we now know as “Goldilocks” was once simply called “The Three Bears” and is littered with ancient universal symbolism and sacred power…

In the story that has become “Goldilocks” I found so many significant dream lines that I was truly surprised. Everything in that story, even the gentrified version we have today, has a reason for its place : entering the house in the Woods, the bowl of porridge, the chair, the bed, the Bears, and the window she dived from. This girl made a whole lotta choices, and everyone of them was her own. Can you name another fairytale heroine who has done the same?

Goldilocks has been described as spoiled and finicky, AND she has been described as curious and adventurous. How we view her, colours the story and creates a filter in which to read it by. What did you think of Goldilocks when you were a child? Was she stupid or bold?

And then, there’s the Bears. Were you, like Goldilocks frightened of the Bears, or did you want to stay with them forever?

Which of the bowls of porridge would you choose? Do you prefer the hard chair, or the soft chair, or do you choose exactly what you want, even if the world crumbles under you? What do you think and feel toward Goldilocks when she breaks the chair?

Do you see how pulling apart the tale allows you to find your Self? If you are playing the role of the girl in your life, how you feel about Goldilocks eating all the porridge does matter. It is not simply a story that you read as a little kid. The myths of our childhood roll into the beliefs of our grown-up life. Who have you been being? And who have you given the role of the Bears to?

How you feel about Goldilocks, the Bears and the actions in the story all pave the way to deeper understanding, and finding your dreamtale amongst the story of your childhood.

How you feel about Goldilocks, the Bears and the actions in the story all pave the way to deeper understanding, and finding your dreamtale amongst the story of your childhood.

When I facilitate the process of re-storying a fairytale, the purpose is to allow you to know the tale better AND to know your Self within it. The dream is your essence and how you relate to the world around : all of your ordinary and non-ordinary realities included. When you find out who you are Being within the confines of the story, it is no longer a tale that is “off with the fairies”. It becomes a “dreamtale” understood for the benefit of You. It’s a process of Self Crafting. Where every step of the process is your own, and you get to choose how it ends.

There is so much I could say about the tale of The Three Bears, but by doing so I would be taking away your chance to explore it for You. Please know that the presentation and process that I gave at Women Gather-in in September 2016 is currently being prepared to be available as a workbook at the Institute. In the meantime, I invite you to join us for the next Deep Dive, where we will be dreaming Red Riding Hood. October 16th at The Place in The Wilde, Mongarlowe.

All details of upcoming Women Gather-in events are found on the Institute Calendar